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Reducing the “Guess Work” on Talent

Talent assessment is a mainstay in the search for and development of people. Using research based, validated assessments will bring productive alignment to your talent management objectives.  Not all assessments are created equal.  JKL Associates is pleased to have strategic alliances with the top talent assessment firms in the marketplace.  Based upon our client’s objectives and customer needs, we can tailor a talent assessment process that uniquely identifies the characteristics that align with your organization’s unique culture and skill requirements.

Our suite of tools identify such aspects as

  • How a person processes
  • What drives/motivates them
  • How they value what they think about
  • How well do they understand sales concepts
  • Where might they align with leadership characteristics
  • Plus many other elements

Give us a call to tailor an approach that is directly in support of your organization quest for top talent.

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