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About JKL Associates About us

JKL Associates strategically builds lean profitable operations, the cultures which make them thrive and the talent that enables them to be successful. Since 1991, our business and talent building strategies have assisted many clients in achieving their goals. These years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as being true “Partners” with our clients. The principles and philosophies that govern our work processes include the core values of Respect (fairness in valuing all parties), Integrity (doing what we say we will do), Trust (commitment to earning and building a foundational relationship), Honesty (straightforward truth), Accountability (holding ourselves to the highest standards of delivering), and Genuineness (executing to a moral code). These are fundamental to the “Promises” we make with our clients.

In order for business leaders to grow their organizations and prosper in today’s and future economic markets, JKL Associates focuses on instilling a “Promise Culture.” Providing a “Promise Culture” of tools and services that deploy technologies and processes which challenge the status quo and institutionalize accountability as disciplines to success. By leveraging strategy, maximizing talent and minimizing waste, “Your result is bottom line growth, an increased competitive advantage, and more satisfaction for employees, customers, and yourself.”

Browse our website for more information about JKL Associates. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a JKL Associates representative regarding how we can help your organization, please e-mail us at partners@jklassociates.com or call us at 313-527-7945.



JKL Associates – We build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a purpose based passion so that ALL can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.

A culture where a “Promise” means something!


Passion drives our Vision – Our Story

JKL Associates has been strategically building business for almost 30 years. Growing them through improving processes and structures but over the years and accelerated by technology innovation, the marketplace has lost sight of the critical core elements: Purpose, Culture and Relationships. We therefore commit to a “Promise Culture” framework, where people can unite and be empowered to achieve any results they pursue. ____________________________________________________________________________

Meet JKL Associates – Our Team!