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Accountability being held to and answer for the results of an effort to a defined standard in areas of responsibility
Assessment a process by which elements of a business or individual are looked into to gain greater appreciation and understanding of capabilities
Balanced Scorecard a metrics based approach to quantify the internal processes and external results of a business that extends beyond financial statement
Benchmark process of evaluation to set or analyze some element of the business against a given performance standard
Best talent resources that distinguish themselves from available pools of people to meet specific position objectives for a business
Business a person, partnership or corporation conducting the purchase and sale of goods and/or services for the intent to make profit
Coaching the interpersonal relationship between two or more people to enhance performance and contribute to success
Competitive Advantage Unique differentiation of the business as compared to alternate providers of similar goods or services
Executive Insights proven thoughts and ideas, guided by previous success that enable ownership and leadership to affect improvements to a business situation
Hiring The act of adding talent, staff, employees to a business
Lean Philosophy continuous improvement efforts to reduce waste and create more effective and efficient methods to achieve defined outcomes
Leadership individual or collective team that demonstrates capabilities to lead the direction of the business
Mission a sequence of results oriented building blocks that directly contribute to attaining the vision of the organization
Organizational Culture the overall environment, attitude, perceptions and overall values set that is shared by all parties within an organization.
Owner person, partnership or entity that has the greatest risk/reward in the businesses success and/or failure
Performance the recognized execution of behaviors and/or measurable tasks as compared to an objective/standard
Profitable the level of success at which a business conducts its practices where the income exceeds the expense
Recruiting The process of defining and attracting the best talent to an organization
Retirement the stage in a business career that affords a change in work habits for the exiting party and new opportunities for their successors
Strategic Planning Process process of investigating, evaluating and identifying the vision, values and passion for which a business exists
Success realizing or surpassing a defined goal or objective
Succession Planning the strategic and tactical effort to identify and develop plans and people to sustain the lifecycle of business leadership
Talent the people and resources that are critical to the success of any business effort
Team a collective group of people that have a common goal/objective to achieve
Vision capturing the passion for why a business exists and providing the guidance for conducting its work
Visual Business Manager Software software application designed and used by JKL Associates and our clients to develop, manage, measure and build the discipline of accountability for the business 



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