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Being in business, owning a business and being profitable are not necessarily tied together naturally.  At JKL Associates we look at your business as a key part of your asset portfolio.  To enhance the value of your business and your overall net worth the business must have profitability as a core tenant of its operations.


Most business leaders are technicians in their business.  They are the “Main Expert” of the product or service they bring to the marketplace. They possess the greatest passion for the success of the business. They are also sometime the roadblock to moving the business to the level it was meant to achieve.

Today’s business climate and industry challenges require that leadership not only set the stage for business success but emulate the behaviors necessary to enable such activity. JKL Associates provides “Executive Insights” to formulate key strategies and tactics that drive performance and accountability rather than just reacting to your client or consumers requests.  Learn More


Business Case
Business Ownership vs. Being Owned by the Business

Sonitrol Tri-County
Electronic Security Systems Company

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