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Talent Succession Planning
For years, succession planning was limited to owners and “C” suite executives of organizations. The plans to identify who would be the next leader of the organization and what track of development did the organization choose to ready this person for their future role was considered to be the whole package.

Today, businesses that are committed to sustaining and perpetuating the vision and mission of the company must have talent succession planning as a core strategy for the business. From the Boardroom to Operations and from Sales to Technology all roles must be planned out to identify those competencies necessary for high levels of performance. It is not just an exercise in putting names and potential capabilities in someone’s personnel folder. It is a commitment to the everyday leadership development efforts for every role in an organization. Training and development are part of the commitment.  Identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent equally play a critical role in the talent succession efforts of a successful business.

JKL Associates brings proven methodologies and unique benchmarking processes to your organization so that a solid foundation of talent management and succession efforts realize the goal of sustaining the vision and mission for years to come.


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