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Strapped for time?

Running a business is not a part-time effort.  

Investing in yourself equally demands quality time.

In our dynamically changing world, everyone can use a third-party resource to support bringing a “Bigger" game to whatever endeavor they are undertaking. The challenges is – when can I fit in another meeting?

In speaking with many micro, small and medium-sized business owners, they all agree that having a sounding board, someone to interact with and get input and guidance through challenging situations with deep thought provoking questions is a critical element to their ongoing success.

For this reason, JKL Associates brings the opportunity for you to have just such a “Virtual Guide." 



To work remotely via technology such that both physical location and interactions can be maximized providing time back into the schedule to be applied to taking action rather than just talking about it.



Your Promise Guide – the person, system, structure by which engagement and accountabilty can be brought forth to allow for a person or business to take defined progress toward achieving a higher level of results.


Meet Your Promise Guide!

Interested in engaging a Promise Guide? Please e-mail us at YourGuide@promiseCulture.com or call us in Michigan at (313) 527-7945 or Florida (407) 984-7246